Summertime in My Garden

Every winter I dream of what my garden will be….

I dream of flowering arches, with petals blowing in the wind.

Vibrant carpets of scotch moss, glowing dianthus, and corsican mint.

Italian terracotta pots overflowing with every type of fern you can think of.

All of the delicious scents. Spicy, sweet, fruity. Pineapple mint, lemon verbena, David Austin roses.

Every summer seems like the first time. I have never seen this before. It has never done that before….Surprises!!!

I could live in my garden in the summer. Watering, weeding, dead heading, pruning, sculpting, planting, and replanting.

But time seems to speed up in the spring and summer.

There is never enough time to do it all.

To make all my dreams come true…

Before I know it I am not carefully planting my beautifully chosen seed varieties,

I am running through the garden tearing the packages open, shaking the seeds out everywhere. throwing handfuls of dirt on top.

Hoping, wishing, waiting, and wondering if any of them will bloom at all.

Now in full summer sun and heat,

I start to see beautiful, magical, fragrant flowers appear. I am happy. So happy!

My Husband teases I care more about the flowers than him or the dog.

Maybe because I only have these little creations for a few weeks.

Maybe because my children are grown and need me less.

Or maybe because it is where I belong…

In my garden, petals blowing, magical seeds growing, lemon and mint under my feet, hummingbirds and dragonflies that I greet,..

I am happy. I am at peace. It’s summertime in my garden.

Winter wonderland

Every year my husband and I go away to the snow as our gift to each other. It truly is a gift. We both love the snow! We go on so many walks, which Milo ( our boxer) loves too. This year we decided to rent a tiny cabin at Shady Cove. It was picture perfect when it wasn’t snowing there were peeks of blue sky and sunshine. The cabin had a large front window to watch the snow fall, and see its beautiful icing like effect on everything. Sometimes you could see the lake and sometimes it was just a white glow beyond the edge of the trees,

Mostly we like to go because if we are at home we are constantly doing so many things…………….

Its crazy but I hardly cook anymore. I used to love it, but my husband does most of the cooking now and its wonderful. He has a gift. I just have been so busy starting a new business and trying to keep up with all the social media stuff. I am a lucky girl and am very thankful for my sweet Steve. I feel truly grateful for my family and friends and positive impact they have on my life and those I love.

I hope that everyone’s holidays were just how you like them, and may this New Year of 2019 bring us all, more peace,better health, great friendships, personal growth, and limitless kindness.


I can think of no better way to start my Monday morning than by strolling through my new friend Linda's garden. Her Garden is kind of secret. I never knew it existed and probably most of Eugene. But her Dahlias are like 8ft tall!!! There is every size from Dinnerplate which can be 10" to Pompon which are 1-2". Then there are their shapes;single, peony, anemone, collarette, waterlily, ball, pom-pon, cactus, semi-cactus, decorative,and dinnerplate. I feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland especially since I am only 5'6' and most of her garden towers over me. The pathways are narrow and in some spots the dahlias almost connect overhead to form a beautiful rainbow flower tunnel. Another wonderful thing about dahlias is they have no scent which is wonderful for all of us with allergies. Oh yes, the colors....this is the hardest part for me to choose. I have to walk all through her garden probably 2x's before I pick anything. Then I start I pick some with long stems and try to pick some of the ones that are already bent and short that I can use up. I don't know why but I never go for the yellow ones. I like the color yellow...but not solid yellow dahlias. I had to pick a couple canna leaves and flax too because the spoke to me. stay tuned to my instagram for pictures and Happy Monday!!!!

Summer camping in Oregon

Soon after I found out that I had thyroid cancer, my Husband and I were on the hunt for a camp trailer. I think it was 2012.  We found one pretty quickly, and man was it ugly! It was a 70's camper, with gold and brown interior so dark, it felt like night, even at midday. The curtains were so thick and heavy, I felt as though I was suffocating. The price was right though, and it had character. This project took my mind off the cancer, and gave me something fun to dream about. So instead of worrying of cancer, my curly head was dreaming of camping.

We fixed it all up many coats of white paint. I made new turquoise vinyl cushions. Steve installed new flooring. I sewed new curtains, and added some finishing touches. Steve took care of all the mechanical issues. We were done. And I was done with my treatment.

Our first trip was fun. Not exactly what I imagined, as we awoke to snow falling! It was crazy! It was beautiful!! It was like a dream...

Bridal Shoot with Madeline Jane.

This was such a fun day driving around town in search of our favorite spots. Madeline looking gorgeous in this blush strapless gown. I had collected so many treasures from my own garden and from local growers. The peonies were beautiful and gigantic, in shades of coral, peach, and pink. Sweet peas from Green Gable Farms with long stems and beautiful tendrils. It was my first inspirational photo shoot on my own with my new business. I was feeling every emotion scared, excited, happy, nervous, and probably ten others!!!

As we started taking photos and getting into it, I think we both just let go and enjoyed every last minute. I was watching my Daughter, and as I did her beauty inspired me. She inspired me to keep going to be scared, to be nervous, or happy. She was proud of me, and I of her. This was a day I will never forget. My daughter beautiful inside and out, inspiring me, helping me. Becoming who I was truly meant to be.